Scott Maichel Scholarship for Human Resources and Business

Welcome to the official website of the Scott Maichel Scholarship program. Scott Maichel is a tenured Payroll-HR professional with nearly three decades of experience in the industry. Furthermore, he is the Co-Founder and Principal of AmCheck Payroll‘s San Diego office. AmCheck is a leading Payroll-HR services company with 12 locations across the USA.

Human Resources is a functional area within businesses that has a significant impact on the success of a company. Hence, administrative duties, extending to hiring personnel and many other initiatives is an increasingly complex area within an organization. Creating and implementing innovative solutions for the Human Resources sector has always been a major focus for Scott Maichel as well as for AmCheck. Scott Maichel is devoted to helping young adults make a positive change in the profession of Human Resources. Therefore, the Scott Maichel Scholarship program will provide two $500.00 (USD/CAD) scholarships to students attending an accredited U.S. or Canadian, college or university and studying in the areas of Human Resources and Business.

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